The Restoration Project


The objective of this restoration is to put Huff back into her original condition as far as possible in respect of the MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency) code of practice.  There is evidence of the hull being fairly wet between the two skins increasing her weight together with the unoriginal and heavily built interior.  Huff was not originally designed for an engine but she has since had one installed. This plus the batteries and fuel tank affect her trim. 

She has been underused in recent years usually causing a build up of moisture due to lack of airing and this encourages mould and corrosion.  Ten years ago she was painted with epoxy paint over a lot of epoxy filler.  This is a very hard and non-porous material and once the wood has become wet it has remained so. 

Her sailing performance has appeared to deteriorate over the last few seasons and perhaps we have never known her at her best simply because she is too heavy and too low in the water. 

Since the start of the restoratio, Huff has had her hull completely re-fastened with 8,000 copper nails and groves. 

Her waterline has regained her original length. Repairs to the hull's such as fitting and shaping new planks and frames have strengthened her overall strucutre. A new mast step preplaces the old one which was askew. a whole new, fresh and light interior replaces the Victorian one which was out of charater and era. 

The engine has been moved to the saloon in order to balance her trim. A new hydraulic system now links the engine to the shaft where a bronze, custom Bruntons folding propeller replaces her old one thus enhanceing her performance and manouevrability under engine. Her cruising speed will now reach 8 knots.