The Flying 30'

The Huff of Arklow is a unique yacht designed by the famous Uffa Fox, and was built in Arklow by John Tyrrell & Sons in 1951.  She was designed and built for Douglas Heard, a well-known yachtsman from Howth.  Uffa based her design upon his highly successful Flying Fifteen dinghy.  Huff of Arklow was completely unique upon her construction. 

She was the first masthead rig sloop, and the first ocean going yacht designed to plane.  She heralded a new era in yacht design and construction and is one of the forerunners of the fin and skeg configuration. This technique was lately used in the building of international yacht design such as the Americas Cup boats from the 80s.  Noted for her swiftness she recorded a speed of 23 knots on her trip to Iceland in 1960 and was awarded the Faulkner Cup, the Irish

Cruising Club’s premier trophy.  She won it again in 1962 for her trip to the Azores. 
Huff is believed to be the only example of a Flying Thirty left.  She is an irreplaceable boat and has had a revolutionary effect on the history of yacht design.  For these, as well as for many other reasons, she is worthy of preservation.